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As a professional healthcare consultant, I am dedicated to finding the answers that will help alleviate pain, symptoms of disease or simply improve overall health and wellbeing. The process of healing is simply that – a process. Whatever pattern occurred over time to create the current symptoms is not a pattern that can be rectified in one treatment or overnight. Sometimes it takes 5 or more consecutive treatments to correct the pattern of disease. Therefore, multiple sessions are encouraged with the following discounts.
Fee Schedule:

Single Session………………………………. $75

Prepaid Package Discounts:

3 sessions …………………….$210

4 sessions ……………………..$260

5 sessions …………………….$300

When changing patterns of disharmony, at least 3 sessions are recommended. More may be required.

Special discounts apply to those undergoing chemotherapy and for those within the autistic spectrum.  Contact Jennifer for more information.

Please call 814.422.3177 to discuss and schedule a session


Actual client testimonials…

“I was diagnosed with arthritis, and had pain and numbness travel down the left arm that interfered with my work.  By the third session, the pain and numbness was gone and has never returned. I highly recommend Acutonics to anyone experiencing pain.”

—–Jim, Sarasota, FL

“Can’t thank you enough for seeing me, I feel AMAZING!!!!  The “problem” area was 100% improved. Also, my back has been bothering me for months and spread to my hip.  The chiro I have been seeing hasn’t made it better…  I knew when I got off the table that my back was better but I wanted to see how it felt the next day.  My lower back bothered me a bit while climbing but NOTHING like before.  My hip feels amazing!!!  I had no idea you could heal that too.  WOW!”

——-Kitty, Atlanta, GA

“In July, 2006 I broke my arm. By February, 2007 I would still have a sharp pain shoot through my bicep and travel down my arm any time I reached too far too quickly.  I had a session with Jennifer, not really expecting much to improve yet grateful to lie still and be soothed with the vibrations of the tuning forks she would apply to different areas.  About two days later I made a sudden move that would normally cause shooting pain to occur in my arm.  But it didn’t!  So I started making various movements that always used to produce the pain, and much to my surprise, there was no pain!!! This is fantastic! And after only one session!”

—–K. Jenkins, Blue Ridge, GA

“For at least ten years I have suffered from debilitating menstrual cramps that kept me from working.   I had tried everything short of surgery.  After four Acutonics treatments, I have experienced significant improvement and have been able to work during my menstrual cycles.  I am looking forward to further treatments, and have no doubt that this is an answer to my prayers.”

——S.Sansone, Asheville, NC

*By law, Acutonics® cannot “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent.”


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